The Honor Code is a policy that promotes the ethical laws observed at Vide Technologies. It communicates our expectations of users including students in building up and maintaining the highest standards in every academic work.

The Vide Technologies Honor Code

1. Vide Technologies Does Not Promote And Will Not Be A Part Of Academic Dishonesty In Any Form, Such As Knowingly Allowing The Students To Cheat, Practice Fraudulent Activities, Or Score And Flaunt Grades Or Degrees They Have Not Acquired.

These include:

  • Cheating: Allowing or requesting unauthorized third party assistance for academic assignments.
  • Imitation: Impersonating a student’s identity for any particular purpose.
  • Duplicity: Using plagiarized academic works without proper acknowledgement.

We do not have access to our users’ bank account related information because all the monetary transactions are processed by third parties like PayPal.

Our nerds shall not organize tests or complete any graded assignments on behalf of the students. We will not knowingly help a student cheat, plagiarize, or engage in any activity that violates the academic norms of the particular institute. Any evidence that an associate has intentionally supported cheating, will be subjected to immediate termination from the platform.

2. Vide Technologies Does Not Support And Will Not Be Involved In Promoting Any Corporate Disloyalty Or Violation Of Corporate Policies, Such As Intentionally Assisting Users In Practicing Fraudulent Activities Or Contributing To Any Type Of Illegal Act.

If a freelancer knowingly facilitates any kind of illegal activity, then he/she will be immediately subjected to termination as a freelancer from the platform.

What We Do With The Gathered Information?
To Students

Vide Technologies team acknowledges the pressures encountered by individuals and deadline stringencies associated with academics. However, we don’t appreciate or entertain the risk students take by violating the school's policies and academic integrity. Vide Technologies does not support the act of copying solutions or requesting final answers. It may ensure completion, but it won’t bring comprehension to the work.

  • We don’t allow students to use the Vide Technologies platform for any kind of illegal activity that may lead to the violation of college policies.
  • Students are not allowed to use academic materials received from the freelancers as pass off as their own.